Download this easy to use application beautifully designed for easy understanding of 7 mubeen wali yaseen with urdu translation. Read more. Collapse. This Surah is 'makki' and it has 83 verses. It is written in the commentary of Majma'ul Bayan whoever recites Surah Ya Sin solely for seeking the pleasure of . Surah Yaseen with Seven Uploaded by. Abu Yafis-Taunggyi. Hadaayatul SARAF. Uploaded by. Fawad Ahmed. Surah Yaseen With 7 Mubeen.

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Wazaif Collection: Surah Yaseen with 7 Mubeen Islamic Dua, Quran, Benefit, Holy Islamic Dua, Cellphone Wallpaper, Islam Quran, Religion, Prayers, Pdf. Surah Yaseen Read Online 7 Mubeen Wazifa,Read Surah Yaseen Online,Surah Yaseen in English Text,Surah Yaseen 7 Mubeen Wazifa. YA SEEN SHAREEF 7 MUBEEN WAZIFA. “Bismillah Hirrahmaan Nirraheem”. to download a pdf file: Word-to-Word Translation of Surah Yaseen. Read more.

Surah al-Yasin. 7 Mubeen.

It will exalt thestatus of the believers, both in this world and the next. Surah Yaseen contains many virtues — includingresurrection and judgement, both of which it speaks on in adetailed manner. It will grant you the status of a shaheed.

According to one hadith, if anyone recites Surah Yaseen every nightand then dies, they will die as a shaheed a martyr.

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It wipesout your sins, alleviates hunger, and guides the lost. When one reads itwhile addressing the fact that that their food will run short, thatfood will then become sufficient.

If one reads it while besidesomeone who is in the throes of death, then that process is mademore smoothly for them. If anyone reads it on a woman who isexperiencing difficulty in childbirth, her delivery will thenbecome easy.

Overwhelming proof, decisive signs,subtle spiritual meanings, eloquent admonition, and sternwarnings. It abolishes fear from your heart. Reading it at nightwill forgive your sins.

Download APK 6. The description of Surah al-Yasin.

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If this Surah is recited near a person on his deathbed, then for each letter recited, 12 angels are sent to pray for his forgiveness and they remain even when the soul is being taken by the Angel of Death. The angels also take part in his funeral rites.

If recited near a person who is in Sakarat-ul-Mawt on the verge of passing away , then an angel brings a drink for the dying person from Jannah and as he drinks of it, he feels greatly eased.

In another narration, this Surah has been described as the key to all good in this life and in the hereafter and a safety from all evil in this life and in the hereafter.

Needs are fulfilled if asked after the recitation of this Surah and the reward for its recitation is also compared to performing twenty hajj pilgrimages. Drinking the water in which this Surah has been dissolved cures one of a thousand types of illnesses. He Peace Be Upon Him also said that if this Surah is recited in a graveyard then all punishment is lifted, for that day, from all the graves and the reciter gets the reward equal to the sum of all the good actions performed by all those who are buried in that graveyard.

S that whoever recited this Surah in the morning will be protected from all calamities and problems during the day and whoever recites it at night will be protected from Shaitan by seventy thousand angels. Recitation of this Surah saves one from the squeezing of the grave and its other torments. Passing the difficult stages in the hereafter will also be made easy for him. The sixth Imam A.

S also said that drinking this Surah after writing it in a mixture of rose water and saffron for seven days it has to be written once for each day makes a person have such a good memory that he will never forget what he hears. He will win debates and will gain great respect and status. If given to a woman, her breast-milk will increase.

The wearer remains safe from the evil designs of men and Jinn. It also acts as a cure from disease.Do they not point to the same reality, which this Prophet is presenting before you?

Sound and time play a prominent role here: Salam May i know todays date according to hijri calendar?? Surah Al-Mominoon, Ayats Add me on FB- https: Pichle logo ne jo comments diye hai wo niche link se dekhe: App Flame 1.

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