Contribute to sivaprak/myBooks development by creating an account on GitHub. Beginning Java 8 Language Features covers essential and advanced features of the Java programming language such as the new lambda expressions. my mind to write a book on the Java programming language. author: Beginning Java 8 Language Features (ISBN ) and Beginning Java 8.

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Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies, 4th Edition. Pages·· Functions in Java. spend a small fraction Java. The chapters contain fundamental topics of Java such as author: Beginning Java 8 Language. Download Beginning Java 8 Language Features: Lambda Expressions, by Kishori Sharan PDF. By Kishori Sharan. Beginning Java eight Language beneficial. This is the Original Digital PDF Book, not a scanned copy. No online access code included.

It's an important concept for the next section, so let's have a quick look at how Optionals work. Optional is a simple container for a value which may be null or non-null. Think of a method which may return a non-null result but sometimes return nothing. Instead of returning null you return an Optional in Java 8. Stream represents a sequence of elements on which one or more operations can be performed. Stream operations are either intermediate or terminal.

While terminal operations return a result of a certain type, intermediate operations return the stream itself so you can chain multiple method calls in a row. Streams are created on a source, e. Collection like lists or sets maps are not supported. Stream operations can either be executed sequential or parallel.

Let's first look how sequential streams work. The following sections explain the most common stream operations. Filter Filter accepts a predicate to filter all elements of the stream. This operation is intermediate which enables us to call another stream operation forEach on the result. ForEach accepts a consumer to be executed for each element in the filtered stream. ForEach is a terminal operation. It's void, so we cannot call another stream operation.

The elements are sorted in natural order unless you pass a custom Comparator. The ordering of stringCollection is untouched: System. The following example converts each string into an upper-cased string. But you can also use map to transform each object into another type.

2. What is a Lambda Expression?

The generic type of the resulting stream depends on the generic type of the function you pass to map. All of those operations are terminal and return a boolean result. The result is an Optional holding the reduced value. Operations on sequential streams are performed on a single thread while operations on parallel streams are performed concurrent on multiple threads. The following example demonstrates how easy it is to increase the performance by using parallel streams.

Beginning Java 8 Fundamentals.pdf

All you have to do is change stream to parallelStream. Map As already mentioned maps don't support streams. Instead maps now support various new and useful methods for doing common tasks.

This example shows how to compute code on the map by utilizing functions: map. If I've drawn your interest check out Stream. Your Feedback is highly appreciated.

The following examples cover the most important parts of this new API. Clock Clock provides access to the current date and time. Clocks are aware of a timezone and may be used instead of System. Such an instantaneous point on the time-line is also represented by the class Instant. Instants can be used to create legacy java.

Date objects.

Date Timezones Timezones are represented by a ZoneId. They can easily be accessed via static factory methods. Timezones define the offsets which are important to convert between instants and local dates and times. The following example creates two local times for the timezones defined above. Then we compare both times and calculate the difference in hours and minutes between both times.

It's immutable and works exactly analog to LocalTime. The sample demonstrates how to calculate new dates by adding or substracting days, months or years.

Java language basics

Keep in mind that each manipulation returns a new instance. It combines date and time as seen in the above sections into one instance. Instants can easily be converted to legacy dates of type java. Instead of using pre-defined formats we can create formatters from custom patterns.

NumberFormat the new DateTimeFormatter is immutable and thread-safe. For details on the pattern syntax read here.

How about a little piece of advice, based on experience of the other Java learners? The best Java books for beginners These are completely safe sources for ones that only start to learn coding in Java. We advise you to have a look at all of them, because they use different approaches in presenting core concepts.

When you get stuck with a certain topic in one book, the chances are strong that you will get a clear explanation somewhere else. Each chapter ends with exercises and puzzles: they will help you memorize the material. Pros: engaging storytelling, great illustrations, and real-life explanations. Probably the best book to learn Java from scratch. Cons: sometimes the puzzles are a bit confusing. But due to the plain language, they explain the main terms simply without any confusions.

You will learn the major things you need to start with Java coding, like how to install Java, compile code and complete different practical exercises after you finish the reading. It is as easy as books for kids. Cons: nothing more than a plain introduction in Java. Java: Programming Basics for Absolute Beginners by Nathan Clark Another book for readers with a zero experience in coding will guide you step-by-step through the basics. You will learn how to choose an IDE and write the first program.

Java Tutorial Site For Beginners

The book familiarizes you with Java Development Kit and Java Runtime Environment and gives the description for each part of the code in examples.

It serves as a rather good preliminary environment before you delve into more serious subjects. Pros: smooth intro to Java programming and its main features. But this book requires a little bit more understanding of programming comparing to the previous sources. It will deepen your understanding of Java origins and its relations to other programming languages. It is profound research about the core concepts of Java which explains the code by line and guides you from the basic understanding of data types, classes and objects to more complex concepts like lambda expressions and functional interfaces.

The great part of this book is a self-test section at the end of each chapter. Pros: a plain tone of voice, self-testing, full coverage of Java core.

Cons: you need at least a small prior understanding of programming.

It puts aside the playful tone and focuses on detailed explanations of Java core. Each chapter is devoted to a certain subject, starting from introduction to the language and Java programming environment and moving to data structures, objects and classes and so on. Unlike many books for beginners, Core Java gives an explicit coverage of collections and generics, which is useful for real programming.

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All in all, it is a great reference book. Read it once and return to it anytime you need to refresh your knowledge. Pros: a full reference to Java Core and attention to collections and generics, profound explanations. Cons: some topics, like generics, are covered less diligent than others. Like many others, it starts with an introduction to OOP. It is also a rather good reference book. Each chapter has the vocabulary and exercise sections to consolidate theory and master the skill of programming thinking.

It is more suitable for beginners than readers with even a small experience in coding. For starters, it is simple and kind of fun to read. Pros: a source for adjusting your way of coding, practice, basic concepts explained clearly. Cons: cannot be considered as the complete reference for core Java; the same level of complexity in all exercises. Cheers to that! Effective Java is written by Joshua Bloch This is not a book for a complete beginner but is must-read research for every Java developer.

If you want to understand the inner processes and get a clue of how and why they are arranged this way, this book serves the purposes well. It will teach you how to write the code and how to do it well.

Pros: easy to read, covers best practices in programming, useful advice for improving your coding. Cons: requires an understanding of core concepts and at least a small experience in coding.

It covers the Java 8 APIs, and clearly explains the basic concepts and beyond that. Pros: the real world examples, clear and detailed explanations, a good reference for the latest Java APIs.

Cons: requires a basic knowledge of Java programming. Java 8 in Action If you need a Java 8 book with full coverage of its features, this one is for you. It will be easier for you to understand the material with some background in Java. Just be sure not to mix them up : All in all, this is a book with an obvious focus on practice, so you can use it as an additional source for the enhanced studying.

Pros: focused on practice, shows the difference between the right and the wrong code. Cons: requires supplementary sources for a deeper understanding of Java basics. Thinking in Java by Bruce Eckel This book offers you a rather refreshing approach to explaining Java fundamentals. It has a focus on Java language design and behavior, and includes many detailed explanations.

You will get the understanding of how each topic fits in with OOP. The basic subjects are fully covered on the first pages of the book.

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The larger part can help you to cover the new ground. It is one of those books, which you will return to even after years of studying and coding.Similar sponsored items. General-purpose books on programming These books should be on your list somewhere between the sources for the newcomers in Java and readers with a slight experience. Contact the seller - opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location.

Figure 2 shows the Java perspective, which is the default perspective for Eclipse. It's an important concept for the next section, so let's have a quick look at how Optionals work. Functional Interfaces How does lambda expressions fit into Javas type system? While terminal operations return a result of a certain type, intermediate operations return the stream itself so you can chain multiple method calls in a row.

Less coding - lambda expressions are a natural replacement for anonymous classes as a method argument Lambda Expressions enable you to encapsulate a single unit of behavior and pass it to other code. Get the item you ordered or get your money back. Optional is a simple container for a value which may be null or non-null.

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