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Using the desk chair helps her ease up and move around in new motions or adjust her position now and then without draining him. Bonus: Chocolate contains the chemical phenylethylamine PEA , which can turn an orgasm into an especially rich and tasty treat.

LAZY-GIRL She can play with the type of stimulation he gives her and keep him jazzed by alternating between arching her back for an up-down stroke and lifting her hips for an in-out rub a dub. But he should be prepared—the heady combination of getting a rubdown while having him deep inside her may cause her to twist and shout. SECRET RUSH Soft breathy licks, kisses, nibbles, and sucks on unexpected and ultrasensitive areas—such as the back of the knees or the inside of the ankles—may be make her giddy with lust.

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The deep bend not only loosens her muscles but also widens her so he can slip right in. Instead, the idea is to create an emotional-spiritual-sensual connection that naturally awakens sexual energy. ORAL BUZZ When she holds the toy down near his lips as he licks her, his mouth will experience an arousing tingly ting ting while transmitting the vibes to her.

To avoid scalding him, she should hold the warm liquid in her mouth for a few seconds to heat things up and then swallow before swallowing him.

She can keep the action heart-pumping hot by rocking her pelvis and squeezing every time he enters her, then relaxing on the way out, then squeezing, then relaxing, then aaahhhhhh. But the sexually adventurous will recognize it as a versatile sex prop for all sorts of passionate play—none of which involves just sitting around.

GOOD LIFT Both partners will quickly realize why this crouching squat has gold-medal orgasm potential—hands are free to pinch-hit additional hot spots, while the slant is a perfect chance for her to work her PC muscles to stimulate his love muscle and for him to sink in deep and clean-jerk her G-spot. Use only pure paraffin wax candles during hot wax play, since they have the lowest temperature when they burn.

Baby oil on the skin helps wax peel off easier, too. Start dripping from higher up so that the wax has more time to cool as it falls.

The combination of heat, moistness, and touch will give her shivers. For the ultimate high, he should keep it up as she explodes— which she definitely will, with double the pleasure. Wait, it gets better. So caress it with an ultragentle, fast touch using just one or two fingers to get the sweetest results.

Some men can go in so deep that the tip of the shaft nudges her cervix, an often-missed sweet spot. She might want to get ready to howl with pleasure as he takes his fingers out for a walk in this classic woof position.

But the area is also covered with an extremely fine layer of skin, which means that even the lightest lick will send a frisson of delight through her. But the deep heat that comes from the chafing that the constant thrusting causes down below will be supersatisfying. Even if nothing momentous happens, the body-on- body closeness makes for some extraspecial after-canoodling coziness.

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BITE ME His nipples cry out for a slightly rougher touch, making them a sweet spot for her to carefully sink her teeth into leaving marks is not desirable. But the volatile combination of the blood rush to her head and the maximum pressure his hand is putting on her clitoral area is going to make her collapse quickly anyway. The secret is to use long, gliding strokes, putting more pressure pushing up and less going down. It may not have a million different turning, bouncing bling bits, but a vibrator gets the job done.

He can slip in from behind while she works her front end, and wowza!

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Which is a good thing, since a little extra stimulation in this area during sex can supersize her orgasm in seconds. Instead, both partners have to synchronize their body motion together by rocking instead of thrusting.

To really make him burn, she can slip his shirt on over her naked torso before completely ravishing him.

Balls that have sand in them help keep the action from rolling away. But to truly up the amorous ante, she should encircle his shaft with the forefinger and thumb of each hand and gently pull in opposite directions. Luckily, she can control the action by leaning forward for extra helpings of G-spot stimulation.

CHILL OUT A leg up from playing footsie, the proximity of the thighs to the naughty bits means this can be a relaxing way to cool down after a particularly heated romp or a raunchy way to get things sizzling again. Everybody wins. THE CATCHER This high-energy, wide-open pose is bases loaded—he can sway his pine from side to side while she thrusts up and down and reaches between her legs to jerk one into the seats.

Home run guaranteed! The skin here is so tender that a barely-there brush of the lips is enough to make her swoon. Here she takes him halfway in her mouth and sucks hard. Holding hands means he can pull her up and take some of the strain off her back.

TUM TUM The stretch of flesh just below his belly button is a hot bed of tingly nerve endings practically hiding in plain sight—all she needs to do to turn him to mush is lightly drag her nails across the entire area. He can show his eternal connection to her by drawing it out over and over and—sigh—over again on her back, playing with pressure with each caress.

To keep him on his toes—and ready to curl them— mixing her caresses with some firm thumb presses along his back will fire up his system. The response is even more intense when one sense is blocked. The best tactic for insane pleasure is for her to bend her finger in a come-hither move and then use a gentle two-finger tapping motion against the fleshy knob on the front wall of her vajayjay. The rear end is loaded with sensitive nerve endings.

Every cheeky thwack gets the blood flowing to the area, express delivering a sweet smack. THE NEWTON Raising herself on all fours adds a gravitational pull to her pleasure as the blood flows down through her hanging breasts to her nipples, making them extrasensitive and ripe for plucking. RUSH JOB When the primal urge takes over and they have an amorous appointment they just have to keep, they can push all the clutter to the ground and use the desk in more—er—stimulating ways.

With a little legs raised. He stands before her and flavoured lube and a handful of strawberries, enters her, grabbing onto her legs or he turns her whole body into a living fruit thighs if necessary to balance.

Partners can maintain eye contact throughout, and she can vary the degree of penetration by putting her feet onto his chest to make it deeper, or wrap her legs around his neck or back to increase the feeling of intimacy and involvement. She can lower her legs towards her chest to lengthen the angle of her vagina and give longer, tighter penetration. In this rear-entry position, you prop yourselves up on the sturdy frame, leaving all your energy to lavish upon each other.

Le Kama Sutra

He leans back across the doorway, making a diagonal across the frame with his body. Words can be as arousing as touch. Gently, she moves her body weight back while leaning on the position, so why not highlight steamy opposite diagonal so that from the passages from a favourite erotic side the lovers look like the letter X. I was worried I might come too soon, so I reached around and played with her clitoris to speed up her climax.

No matter what time of year, why not substitute the fire for a TV screen and play an erotic film to arouse and inspire you? Sitting astride him, she places her legs tightly against his sides, tucking her feet in under him for support. The man opens his thighs just enough for her to slip down off his lap and onto his erection.

Do this slowly, allowing yourselves to feel each millimetre of penetration as it happens. Keeping her knees pressed together will maintain a tight squeeze on the penis. The only potential power struggle is over who gets the tap end! Lie on your sides in a simple embrace, beginning in the same foetal position. Slowly press your bodies together; his chest is close into her back.

Raising her outside leg slightly, she squeezes the penis in the groove of her buttocks and with very slight movements of her pelvis she makes him hard between them. Arching her back exposes her genitals even more so that the man can rub the tip of his penis against her vulva, until she is wet and begging to take him inside her. Crack open the champagne and pass it to and from each other in a flute.

One glass of sparkling wine will lower your inhibitions and up your testosterone, making for hot, horny sex. He can also drizzle the golden liquid over her breasts and belly during sex. The tiny fizzing bubbles will stimulate her skin.

The positions on the following pages are designed to inject maximum psychological tension as well as physical pleasure into your power play.

This and guides her body into position offers deep penetration for position himself. She lies back on the bed, spread-eagling her body so that her arms and legs are as far apart as they can go. Using a couple of pairs of her stockings, he ties her wrists and ankles to the bedposts. He lies over her, supporting his weight on his elbows, enters her and thrusts.

Kissing and talking is possible throughout, as is all-important eye contact and close body contact. Penetration will be deep and the pressure of his pelvic bone on her clitoris adds delicious friction to the mix. Sometimes I pull out and just gaze at it. That tiny pain in my leg muscles adds a new preview odd pages, download full ebook : book He sits on the edge; she stands opposite him and parts her legs,!

Her breasts are at his eye level in this primal position. She can enhance allowing him to penetrate her. He them by letting them spill out of stabilises himself by grasping her a tight, lace-up corset. He lies on his back, knees bent, in a semi-supine position. His mistress talks dirty or masturbates him until his dick is hard and then straddles him, lowering her pussy onto his erection. She then slowly moves her legs around until they are extended in front of her, with her feet in his face.

She uses her hands on his knees to stabilise herself and begins to squeeze and rock on top of his penis.

She can then use her feet to tease and taunt him, whether that involves inserting a toe into his mouth, or lightly applying pressure with the sharp stab of a stiletto. He lies on his back and she uses handcuffs, bondage tape or even an old tie to secure his arms to the bedpost. She straddles him and gently slides herself down onto his erection and uses her thighs to move up and down.

Unless she has strong thighs, this position can get tiring quickly, but she can move about and even drop down into female missionary.

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Because his hands were tied, I had to do this myself … preview odd and thatpages, was sexy. These positions incorporate the most popular sex toys and are great for maximum pleasure with minimum time and effort from you. They all make for delicious foreplay and can be enjoyed as a main event in themselves.

She faces him and lowers herself onto his penis, extending her legs over his so that they point out past his back. His arms encircle her, supporting her upper back, and her hands grasp the outside of his upper arms.

Both partners lean back, creating an X-shape with their outstretched legs.

Many women love the sense of surrender and vulnerability this position promotes. They were made for positions like this. When she comes, the contractions could be enough to make him come without thrusting.

I like the way it looks on my body and admire myself in the mirror as the straps squeeze into my curves. Just preview odd putting pages, download full ebook : book Assume this position in front of a mirror.So while making out and touching each other, lovers should take time to suck on bits like the fingers to give a taste of the mouth moves planned for below the belt.

But the volatile combination of the blood rush to her head and the maximum pressure his hand is putting on her clitoral area is going to make her collapse quickly anyway. It was great to take it slow and make a note of preview odd pages, all the new and excitingdownload full ebook : book Holding hands means he can pull her up and take some of the strain off her back. His arms encircle her, supporting her upper back, and her hands grasp the outside of his upper arms.

But to truly up the amorous ante, she should encircle his shaft with the forefinger and thumb of each hand and gently pull in opposite directions. I control the preview odd rhythm pages, and depth of thedownload penetration.

Distributed by Publishers Group West preview odd pages, download full ebook : book ON THE BENCH This elevated take on the wheelbarrow actually minimizes the amount of brute strength the move usually calls for, so both he and she can ride it out for as long as it takes.

Even if nothing momentous happens, the body-on- body closeness makes for some extraspecial after-canoodling coziness.

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