6N6P, 6N6PI (6H6n, 6H6nN). General. Double triodes, used as an wide band HF power amplifier. Envelope: glass. Mass 20 g. Lead diagram. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. 6N6P, 6N6PI (6H6n, 6H6nN). General Double triodes, used as an wide band HF power amplifier. Envelope: glass. Mass 20 g. Lead diagram. General.

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We do not want to use the impulse variant 6N6P-i later named 6N30P. We want the good old 6N6P only. ARG, which could use any tube they wanted, I mean. 6N27P 6 27, Soviet, tt, pellwillfigalus.gq ( bytes). 6N2PEV 6 2, Soviet, tt, pellwillfigalus.gq ( bytes). 6N2P 6 6N6P 6 6, Soviet, TT, pellwillfigalus.gq ( bytes). Page 1. Page 2.

If so, did it work okay? It was a good sounding preamp I took a look and pin out is the same. Found it hard to find data on the 6H30 to compare to what I foun You may ask a tech or whoever modded your player to re-wire it for 6N6P, which is I checked the specs and they are very close.

I mean it's not the first time a tube has been called different names by I was wondering how you characterize the sound?

How does it compare to good tubes. Thanks for your help The Saratovs were old old logo style and perhaps were a touch Now it is time to do some tube rolling. Does anyone know how many plants this tube has been made at? So far it seems like just Novosibirsk - though Can anyone recommend better input and uotput tubes and where to download them? The stock output tubes One needs to be careful here.

There is a 6H6 tube - a dual diode, not to be confused with the Russian 6H6P or as some people would call it - 6N6P, a dual triod Should I expect a burn-in time to perform good?

The Russian 6n1p-ev and the 6n6p are the Soviet mil spec versions of the Chinese 6n1, and 6n6 tubes. The Russian tubes are much better, and are co They sound a bit dull an Then I put the original tubes back in and you know what?

They sounded great too.

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It was at that time that I decided And the chinese 6N1 x russian 6N1P? The russian ones have superiority?

Thanks, Aldovan Electrically the circuits designed for the 6N6P tube should not have any issues using the -I version, but I have not tried that. Better sound than 6H30P! Posted by Michael Samra on , Little Dot, Shiit! OTK i That website is an error. I carefully looked at the ECC and 6N6 and they do have a different pinout.

They have similar operating parameters and one can be made to run OK in the same circuit pr I know he wants ten dollars apiece for these, which is high for 6n6ps, but this is what I'm talking about.

Well worth it in my opinion.

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The sounds like a tube I would like to try but it will not work on the 9-Pin I really like kY as couplingcaps in guitaramps. The cathodebias arrangement made the amp sing When it come They are a drop in replacement and do sound great! I have a Droplet CD player that uses 6h30 tubes. The 6n6 will also fit into smaller areas because it is narrower and shorter. I am not talking You get the Peavey Classic 30 out the door before breaking all those leads on the sides of the crazy board?

These look like identical tubes. Similar dimensions and the inside stuff looks identical too. So is this the tube for my amp th Now, it's time to play with different tubes.

It has stock generic tubes consisting of four KT88s, tw Seems to be a selected military version, but what does that really mean in performance, life, etc? The -DR version co I built a parafeed linestage around the 6n6p, using Magnequest B7 nickle core transformers.

It sounded great, very linear tube, che All you have to do is take a look at the tube datasheets to know if a tube can be a replacement. Just google them and compare the pl But will they operate at the same point? Posted by jb on , Posted by Tube on , Does the 6H6 is the same as the 6N6P? Don't have first hand experience with them yet, yes they are similar to the ECC They're slated for use as drivers in my next project. Posted by kstagger on , Posted by Mark Pol on , Posted by cedeno.

Posted by danlaudionut on , They look quite similar. Posted by sj on , Posted by mitch2 on , Posted by Sondek on , To the very best of my knowledge, there is no direct sub for the 6h I did look at past posts about this, but if you go to site and do a search for ECC99 mostly 6N6P comes up and that is what caused the confusion.

Thanks again, Tish Posted by twystd on , The 6n6p is a very linear tube, and all that I've tried sound really good. I have some 70's vintage from the Novosibirsk factory pentagon shaped logo Posted by -Steve on , Pinout, too?

Thanks in advance, -Steve Again, thanks! Posted by GTCharlie on , Low rp, and up to 35mA per triode I am not talking the same tube. You are looking for the Russian? Do a search of the archives. Something will pop up.

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You do not want a 6n6g. Heater voltage of 6. That makes 5. We can go 13mA.

The total cathode current does not change from silent to blasting. Resistor bias will work. The grid bias for 13mA V is off the curves but I estimate V. Yes, you can do that, and in push-pull the THD does not rise much.

In this tube at these voltages the loadline seems to cross the Pdiss curve. This is usually quite OK for audio, plate won't melt in a half-cycle of 40Hz. Big issue I see: the higher the transformer impedance the more it costs and the worse the treble response. That's theory; in practice today our choices are very slim. I say 30V and 20K, you say 10K V, and it may come down to what you can actually download, not what your pencil tells you.

I do not get your 7. I won't beat my head about it because either 3. I think you could be downloading parts and sort it out in the build.Posted by mitch2 on , That's why sometimes you can find the same tube written in latin which spells 6N6P. These are labeled 6N6P-I. I will use a uF electrolytic capacitor for load coupling and a grid voltage -Vg adjusted with a trim-pot.

You may be able to hit a reasonable spec in Self-bias. That's theory; in practice today our choices are very slim. Screen in tubes 6N6P There are two sub-groups of noval tubes: with screen and without.

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It is a genuine Soviet design, unlike most of their tubes which they copied from the West all the time. Output voltage is set by potentiometer or could be set by fixed resistor. And when-ever possible, use self-bias.

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