Dragon Ball AF Cap Uploaded by. tam_account1. Dragon Ball AF Cap Uploaded by. tam_account1. Dragonball Af Chapter 4. Uploaded by. eumine. It's the continuation of the Dragon Ball saga. It's not made by Akira Toriyama.. but by Toyble. But if you read it you would say it's made by him. So this series is not. Dragon Ball AF (ドラゴンボールAF Doragon Bōru AF) was the subject of an April Fool's joke in (following the end of Dragon Ball GT), which concerned a.

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DBAF is a Dragon Ball apocryphal series. Dragon Ball AF Volume 1, Dragon Ball AF Volume 2, Dragon Ball AF Volume 3, Dragon Ball AF Volume 4, Dragon. Here is the Link for the Fan-Manga made by Toyotaro when he was known as pellwillfigalus.gq are only 4 chapters, but they are really well done, sadly, he d. Torrent feb series being developed in books Manga chapter by baskbply Crew in forums dragon will continue Dragon Ball Af Comic Chapter 1 Theread dragon.

It was synonymous with fan made. That changed in when a very talented artist in the Toriyama style finally put pen to paper and created a Dragon Ball AF worthy of the name. Toyble pronounced Toiburu deserves credit for making something original, beautifully illustrated and true in spirit to the series.

At least for the most part. The child was half-man, half-god, and more powerful than all of the other warriors, including Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta and Super Saiyan 4 Gohan.

Dragon Ball AF is an interpretative story. His excellent drawings and story that weaved many of the existing rumors together serve as the prime example the stalwart fans present when insisting Dragon Ball AF is real. The images look authentic, so fans jump to the conclusion that they are. Another artist named Young Jiji has also done a similar Dragon Ball AF manga with an equally impressive Toriyama style of art, making it seem real.

These are really the only two manga with a high enough level of quality I feel are worth mentioning. The quality is guaranteed to be poor. They usually consist of edited clips and drawings from Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT, with the colors changed or with weird effects added on top.

Backed by odd music or simply poorly edited, with ads pointing to something unrelated as an added bonus. Despite these drawbacks, many of these videos have more than 9 million views! That makes them some of the most popular videos on YouTube. Why so popular?

Because everybody wants the next Dragon Ball series, and they want it now! Remember, Dragon Ball fans love their Dragon Ball!

Words From The Author

They bait and switch people to click and watch their crap. They also feature really odd and unique characters put together via Fusion, or show strange Majin Buu absorptions of other characters, such as Majin Buu after absorbing Freeza. Fans wondered why the developers in Japan chose these colors. Maybe they did it on purpose to allude to Dragon Ball AF? A few videos that went over 9,, views were posted in , while one with 3,, views was posted as recently as Jun 24, None of them are real, but the fandom is still alive so people continue to play this silly game of lies.

In the beginning, the Dragon Ball AF images were awful. But now the fans have really taken to it, and more talented artists have produced better art based on these fan fiction characters. The fandom has reached such a point that Dragon Ball action figures and models have been created. I find this interesting. Dragon Ball AF is a fan created series but people apparently spend their money on these models, downloading into the fandom, official or otherwise.

It all began with a single image of Super Saiyan 5 Goku. From there it got mashed together repeatedly over the years, with more and more piled on top of itself. No matter how crudely drawn, poorly Photoshopped, oddly written, or strangely fused together, Dragon Ball AF has grown to represent the dreams and desires of Dragon Ball fans across the world. Why do people want a new Dragon Ball series so badly? What moves them to draw, color, animate, and create their own manga? And what makes people want to believe in, promulgate lies, and trick people into thinking like them… all through the vehicle of Dragon Ball?

I believe Dragon Ball speaks to a part of our humanity and appeals directly to our core. All that fans want is a new series at a high level of quality so they can continue to have the same exhilarating feeling they did the first time they saw Goku transform into a Super Saiyan, or when Gohan defeated Cell with the Father-Son Kamehameha.

Dragonball Af Chapter 3

Like Cell, Dragon Ball AF is an artificial monster that continues to grow and evolve, becoming more refined as it goes. But instead of seeking to destroy, it seeks to bring more fans into its collective grip, making them hope, dream, and become involved with something bigger than themselves. A community of like minded people who speak the same language and love the same thing.

Once you get fans hooked on a series and then end it, what else are fans to do? Be patient and let it go?

Exactly like Dragon Ball AF when it began, this one is also fake and an odd combination of truths and lies. Here is Dragon Ball Hoshi Explained. One of the goals of this article was to present the truth of Dragon Ball AF in a logical, rationale way, so that the genuine fans will understand it and stop being fooled by and then promote the lies. New Characters There are many new Characters in the Series, and most are enemys and Some aren't really even new but have more of a role.

He helps alot and can be considered one of the Main Characters. He was featured only in the last GT episode with his mother. He acts like Vegeta but a little more friendly. He plays a large role as a Super Saiyan and can be considered one of the Main Characters. Xicor : He is the Main enemy in the Xicor Saga.

He is evil and tries destroying Goku and his friends. He was born a Super Saiyan 5. More Will be added as soon as More info is discovered. It is acheived by Goku, Vegeta and Broly. Rumors said it was from a fan made manga Dojinshi , but no proof was ever provided. The AF logo was completely fabricated, but even so, fans speculated what it could mean.

Dragon Ball AF

Meanwhile, Super Saiyan 5 was surpassed by Super Saiyan 6. And a new set of Potara earrings could now fuse 3 people together, instead of only 2. These caused a huge surge in the number of believers and were used as validation that Dragon Ball AF was real. Nobody knew, so more rumors flew around.

It was neither.


Turns out that Studio Tomita was a very talented fan or group of fans who drew illustrations of their favorite anime characters. They had a website with a few images on it, but oddly, neither of these two Dragon Ball images was there.

And I reply to a request of somebody and do not intend to send an image. Most likely due to the amount of emails they received from rabid fans. But that was all it took. These images sparked the flames of what would become a much larger fire. With all this Dragon Ball AF content out there, fans became excited and eagerly awaited this new series.

And they waited. And waited. And it never came, because it was never real.

There were no official screen shots or episode clips, no advertising, merchandise or articles in Japanese media. All the while fans were rapidly producing new content and slapping the Dragon Ball AF logo on it, adding to the confusing mess.

Rumors, fan art and outlandish Fusions of characters fed into one another and created a giant, endless cycle of rampant lies and immature stupidity. They would create a site, post the images, and suddenly Dragon Ball AF seemed a bit more real in the mind of an average web surfer. After all, wherever you looked, there it was!

More established sites also promoted the series. I found some interesting information on the Dragon Ball AF series that everyone has heard rumors about. With the advent of high speed broadband internet, YouTube became increasingly popular and fans started to put their work in video form.

Fans created back stories, episode listings, and even more character splices. Dragon Ball Z was airing on TV at the time, and was sending millions of new fans onto the internet. The inertia of fandom ensured that it kept growing and reaching more people through different platforms. The Daizex. This collective fan creation had become extremely popular. Their forum had and still has a reputation for its hardcore and extremely knowledgeable fans. Whatever was posted on the main news page was inarguably official.

Because there had not been any official media reports, advertisements, or video clips surrounding Dragon Ball AF, he decided to make some and act like they were real! Text that, for anybody who spoke Japanese, would immediately give away the fact it was a joke. But for non-Japanese speaking fans everywhere else it would look authentic.

He very skillfully ripped audio from One Piece and Revolutionary Girl Utena, featuring the same voice actors that are in Dragon Ball, with classic moments from the series.

Interspersed throughout the dialogue were Japanese title cards, which just like the advertisement above, would clearly be obvious as a joke to Japanese readers. And best of all, in a nod to fans who were so anxious for a sign, the series is going to be called—get this—DragonBall AF!!! And that was the point. And these images and videos were pushed around by every Dragon Ball AF loving fan that could find them.

Why did people believe the ads? Probably for the same reasons they believed in Dragon Ball AF in the first place! That is Super Saiyan 10 Goku, apparently.

Despite the wild images, there had never been a serious Dragon Ball AF manga. Most of the illustrations were poorly drawn.But Dragon Ball AF continues to be talked about.

They made it themselves! We don't only add fan-made info in articles, but the forums and blogs are a great place for adding your favorite fan-made Dragon Ball spin-offs.

And a new set of Potara earrings could now fuse 3 people together, instead of only 2. Dragon Ball AF was originally the creation of an unknown fan that evidently had a strong desire for a fourth Dragon Ball anime series.

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