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"Taking from the ancient books of the Kama Sutra and the Tao, "Sex and the Perfect Lover Sex and the How to Be a People Magnet Finding Friends-and. As the vampire warriors defend their race against their slayers, one male's loyalty to the Black Dagger Brotherhood will be tested in this breathtaking novel in. Lover Avenged (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 7) [J.R. Ward] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As the vampire warriors defend their.

Rehvenge is used to living in the shadows and keeping his distance from the Brotherhood. As a symphath, his identity is a deadly secret—the revelation of which will result in his banishment. But as Rehvenge is pulled into plots both within and outside of the Brotherhood, he turns to the only source of light in his darkening world.

Ehlena is a vampire untouched by the corruption that has its hold on him—and the only thing standing between Rehvenge and eternal destruction Read more Read less. Frequently bought together. Total price: Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. download the selected items together This item: Ships from and sold by site. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Mass Market Paperback.

Lover Reborn: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

lover avenged

Review "I love this series! Read more. Product details Mass Market Paperback: Berkley; Reprint edition November 24, Language: English ISBN Don't have a site? Try the site edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention black dagger dagger brotherhood lover unbound lover avenged john matthew scribe virgin fallen angels looking forward brotherhood series wrath and beth even though story line lover enshrined dark lover main characters must read books in the series paranormal romance lover awakened bdb series.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. site Edition Verified download. If you dislike a book written from a dual POV, then you'll hate this book for its written from four or five different POVs. There were times you can't tell immediately who's talking.

This gives you more than whiplash. I thought this would be a book with Vishous and Jane as the main characters with the other brothers and their mates making appearances. You're given all of their POVs at different times and their roles are as major as Vishous. I was left confused, unhappy and downright angry after reading this book. This book left me with plenty of unanswered questions with no feeling of satisfaction. First off, and this was important to me. All the brothers make an appearance and are all involved to some degree within the story.

And oh how sweet it is to be back with the King. We haven't seen much of him since Dark Lover Book 1 but his character takes up a significant number of pages here as Wrath goes rogue from his royal duties and ultimately has to pay the consequences.

We are also introduced to George, a new companion to the King. Lassiter is back as the hilarious fallen angel, sidekick of Tohrment and the battle continues with the Lessers.

Speaking of the Lessoning Society, Lash is simply awesome as their evolving leader taking things to a whole new level of evil. I've never really been a fan of Rehvenge he kind of creeped me out but I have to say my opinion of him has now changed. His and Ehlena's love story is well done and surprisingly sweet. Ehlena is a nurse from the clinic who treats Rehv after he develops sepsis from repeatedly injecting the dopamine he must take to hide the fact that he's a sympath.

We do get to see a whole new side of him however and gain a much greater insight into the world of sympaths. JR manages to weave all her POV's and storylines together for one nail biting and literally explosive finale.

My one and only gripe would have to be that JR's brotherhood language has evolved. I don't mean the terms but yes there are more of these as well but the actual street lingo that the brothers use when speaking to each other. I occasionally found it hard to understand what they were talking about and had to re-read their dialogue several times before I could figure it out.

I can't imagine how you could ever start the series with this book, so please don't try. The BDB is so involved and complex with so many major characters, interweaving stories and POV's that you would be utterly lost plus you'd miss out on the other 6 great books in this fantastic series, but if you're a fan you won't be disappointed, true.

The brotherhood undergoes some changes and there are major developments in all ongoing storylines but the hilarious banter we all love, the intensity and excitement are all still here. View all 21 comments. Sep 15, xrysa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I make females nervous. Rehvenge Not her blood but her hurt was going to save him.

Ehlena In this book we see that Wrath has many enemies that are willing to kill him. There are only 4 brothers left fighting so he decides that he should start fighting again but he hides this from Beth.

Rehvenge has to deal with his club , the princess and his sympath nature at the same time. Because of his nature he has to visit quite often Haver's clinic. There he meets Ehlena , a stunning nurse. Obviously , like t I make females nervous. Obviously , like the whole female population , Ehlena is very uncomfortable around him and he cant stop flirting her. I wouldnt mind you watching me. Ehlena doesnt ask questions about him but he hates himself for hiding her the truth.

John In this book he annoyed me so much with his I-dont-give-a-shit attitude. Just because Xhex rejected him that doesnt justify his actions. I feel like I'm walking down into a porn movie," V muttered as they took the steps with care. Wouldn't that require more black candles for you," Zsadist cracked. I take that back," Z said, eyeing the display. We start hearing chick-a-wow-wow shit," V cut in, "can I start calling you Z-packed? It's Lassiter.

How is it possible you're still getting me confused with someone else? Do I need a nametag? She is not an annoying girlfriend. She is smart and beautiful. She accepts Rehv's nature and I like the fact that she becomes a badass when it comes to his safety.

Why I loved Rehvenge: He is a pimp who becomes a whore. He doesnt treat his whores nice because he is the good guy but because he is one of them. He hates himself for what he is doing but he cant change it. He is Xhex's hero and a good male.

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He deserves much better than he'd gotten out of life but finally he managed to find happiness into Ehlena's embrace. View all 42 comments. Jun 09, Anna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mohawk madness Rehv- or the Reverend, as the human clientele called him- was a drug lord and pimp who didn't give a shit about the vast majority of people.

Which meant he was capable of, and frequently did, anything the fuck he wanted to. So the guy who cared about very little was in charge of a hell of a lot. It's so hard to review a book like this This book broke my heart because Rehv was so damn yummy alpha and fiercely loving and protective of his family and friends.

He had to make a lot of sacrifices to protect those he loved. So although he was a pimp, and a drug lord, and a murderer and a lot of other less than noble things I could overlook it all because he had a heart of pure damn gold!! He is one badass loyal hunk of pure male I was worried for a hot minute that he would become my favorite brother and displace my current RHAGE This series keeps getting better and better I can't wrap my head around how genius it is.

Lisa Jayne I love ya!! View all 46 comments. Feb 03, Phrynne rated it really liked it Shelves: After being a tiny bit disappointed by Book 6 I was very happy that this one was back up to standard! I have never been a great fan of Rehvenge but he turned into a much nicer character once under the influence of his Ehlena and I enjoyed their whole story. The side stories were the best though and the humour. I love the banter between the brothers and I really like Lassiter. I hope we hear a lot more of him in the future!

As usual the book was a tad too long and it flagged a bit in the middle bu After being a tiny bit disappointed by Book 6 I was very happy that this one was back up to standard! As usual the book was a tad too long and it flagged a bit in the middle but then the whole Wrath story developed and that was intense and very sad. All very entertaining and of course there's a cliff hanger at the end to make sure I move on to the next book soon: View all 7 comments.

Jun 09, Beverly rated it really liked it. Instead I will just share my thoughts and feelings. I think that is why I might have been more disappointed then the average reader. As always I love reading about the Brotherhood and their spouses.

To me John stole the show…I was basically like Rhev who?? Where is John?

I have had this is 3. I have had this issue throughout the last few books. I think Ms. Ward is trying to begin the segue into the next installment; however, I am finding the actual MC to be lacking. That is why I am having issues reviewing this particular book. View all 38 comments. Oct 19, Shurrn rated it really liked it Shelves: Rehvenge's Story brings back the hard-hitting action and suspense we've come to expect from this series!

Beware of Spoilers if you haven't read the first 6 books in the series I'm cautiously optimistic I feel like we've reached a turning point with this installment, and I sincerely hope the momentum continues with the subsequent books.

As usual, the stories surrounding all of the secondary and tertiary characters stole the show: But the Stars of this book were Rehvenge and Ehlena: Rehv - or the Reverend, as the human clientele called him - was a drug lord and a pimp who didn't give a shit about the vast majority of people.

Rehv is the infamous Zero-Sum club owner who has a larger than life personality which is only enhanced by his Sympath heritage Talk about a hard-ass with a heart of gold I bet she was Anyway, Ehlena is your quintessential care-giver who believes that every soul is worth saving Plus, she winds up being a smart female with a spine of steel.

I mean, the woman goes toe to toe with Xhex! O Unfortunately, the Romance portion of the plot between these two was firmly in the whole "I love her but I don't deserve her" vs. Complete with some "I'll push her away so I don't break her heart" behavior.

Not cool, J. Not cool.. As you may know, I've been a bit peeved by the constant references to brands - most of the time the detail is completely irrelevant to the point of distraction So as I read Lover Avenged, I resolved to write down every single brand name mentioned.

The result was staggering! You can see the result here: Now for the more spoiler-y thoughts: Read at your own risk view spoiler [ Wrath is now completely blind. I have to admit, it hurt my heart to know he wouldn't be able to fight with this Brothers any more I don't think anybody wanted to see him lay down his daggers for good. Also, you know I'm a dog lover I think he should be Ghorge You know how much the Brotherhood likes to throw an extra H into a name ; The scenes from inside the Sympath Colony were amazing Ward really tapped into a cinematic quality with the visuals on that one.

The cell which held Rehv, as well as the apparatus he was attached to Not to mention the darkness and creepy-crawlies John Matthew has long been my favorite character of this series, but he needs to get his shit together.

His little emotional roller-coaster throughout this book was exhausting He's had to go through so much shit in his life before his transition, and he seemed to be in such a good place Then he found Tohr, had sex with the Symath of his dreams And he just checked out, got drunk, and started driving me nuts. I know J. Ward is a fan of making characters hit rock-bottom before she gives them their own book, but seriously Get it together John!

Dark Lover - My Review 2. Lover Eternal - My Review 3. Lover Awakened - My Review 4. Lover Revealed - My Review 5. Lover Unbound - My Review 6. Lover Enshrined - My Review 6. Lover Avenged - You're Reading It 8. Lover Mine - My Review 9. Lover Unleashed - My Review Lover Reborn - My Review Lover At Last - My Review The King - My Review The Shadows - My Review Oct 02, Bev rated it really liked it Shelves: There was a lot going on in this one, a LOT!

I'm finding that as the series grows the poor characters the book is supposed to be about seem to be getting less and less page time, to the point of getting totally swallowed up and lost in everyone else's dramas. That said, the little I did get of Rehv and Elehna together I loved, he needed her quiet strength and support. Ward certainly gives her characters the perfect mates. The characters as always, are bigger than life, and the plot is amazingly complex and dangerously addictive.

The author has the ability of connecting every single point in the story, leaving no lose ends. There's action, romance, and drama. There's stories, and moments in it, so heartbreaking, that they almost make a reader feel as if one's reading a non fiction work. Probably there isn't a lot of authors who who'd have the courage to develop certain situations, the way they were dealt in this book.

I loved Rhevenge and Ehlena story.

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Rhevenge especially, was an amazingly addictive character. I cant wait to read what's is going to happen with the other characters! And now i'm going to mention "some" yeah, right! Era aquele em que se perdia o taco de beisebol O taco de beisebol estava agora a voar. It was the one where the bat got loose— A bunch of screams rippled over, generated by the sitcom. The bat was flying around now. Palavras inventadas: A face tinha sido golpeada?? Someone, rather. Ou seja precisamente o sentido oposto.

Under any circumstances. Mais algumas idiotices, para se ficar com os olhos em bico pois, ainda mais! O mesmo que acoplagem Acoplagem. Ou espanhol?? Jun 09, Amy Foxy Blogs rated it really liked it Shelves: Why do these books have to be so long?! I'm still not a fan of the lessers and tend to skim their parts unless they are messing with the brothers.

By the end of the book I don't eve Why do these books have to be so long?! By the end of the book I don't even recognize JM.

I'm looking forward to see what Ms.

Ward has in mind for his character. Cheat sheet for the brotherhood: Nicknamed "Hollywood. Described as "ruined, not broken. Nickname "Cop. Zsadist's twin brother and loyal to his brother.

He's half symphath and owner of a night club. Drug lord and pimp. Manuel "Manny" Manello: Francis Hospital. Lover Unleashed 9 Tohrment: Lover Reborn 10 Qhuinn: To find out when The Shadows will be released and if there will be more books in the series click here. View all 39 comments.

Yes, on a BDB tour again!! I have to admit that I was not that crazy about Rhevenge the first time I read this book but each time I reread it, the more I like him. He's so much more than the "gangster" facade Ehlena is a perfect "foil" for him. And of course, getting some more about these fabul Yes, on a BDB tour again!! And of course, getting some more about these fabulous vampires and their world Rhev is so so hot and sexy Although he is not a member of the BDB, his life is closed entwined with theirs and he is also fiercely loyal to the brothers and their families.

Rhev struggled his whole life being half Sympath and half vampire. Sympaths are a really scare race and most people are afraid of him and keep well away when he is present at any place. Very few people know what he really is. He suppresses his sympathy side by frequent shots of dopamine at Havers clinic and it is during one of these visits that he meets Ehlena, a vampire nurse who is the only person he has met that is not uncomfortable around him and who shows no fear being with him.

Rhev has appeared in previous books and I have to admit that I never thought there would be a book about him. He is being blackmailed by a woman — omg talk about a scary and evil person….. The reason he continues to pay her in money and sick and depraved sex is to keep Xhex who is also sympathy — more about her later!

I liked Ehlena. She is strangely attracted to Rhev but keeps turning down his attempts to get to know her. Why I have no idea!!!! The fur coat, cane and blue Mohawk hair….

But in the end she discovers his truth about him and stands by him.. The relationship between the two is so heartwarming that you want them to have a HEA…and they do despite having to go through hell to get there…being kidnapped, deaths and those pesky lessers getting in between the action.

One of the things I like about this series is that characters from the previous books continue appearing so you have the sense of knowing them and learning more about them. Wrath and Beth appear and Vishous prophecy about Wrath going blind is coming true. You can feel the pain and fear that Wrath is experiencing as he comes to term that there is no cure and he will eventually become a totally blind King.

There's Xhex and John Mathews whose story will feature in the next book Lash, the ex BDB brother who we discover is a lesser and son of the evil Omega is up to his old tricks.

He is really wicked. Tohr, whose wife Wellsie was killed is trying to cope with her death and keeping sane. I loved this book. Dec 18, Shawna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Ward is back with a vengeance no pun intended. I had every intention of being monetarily responsible and waiting for the paperback release, but I figured it would be like when I got behind on the TV show LOST and had to dodge all the water cooler and break room conversations every Thursday by covering my ears and singing la-la-la while getting my morning coffee in an attempt to avoid unwanted spoilers, which ultimately proved unsuccessful.

A big 5 stars! View all 12 comments. Where to start Rehv I loved Rehv's story. It was so heartbreaking to see what he has been subjected to over the years with the Princess blackmailing him and what he has been forced to endure to protect who he and Xhex are.

After he meets Ehlena, he wants nothing more than to have as much of a normal life as a Symphath can with anyone. He doesn't believe that he is good enough for her though. Ehlena has always found Rehv intriguing. With her father's bad health and h 4. With her father's bad health and her being the only supporter of the family, she doesn't think she has the time or the energy to commit to a relationship, but with Rehv, there's something more about him.

There is a lot going on in the Brotherhood right now. The war against the Lessers is escalating and Brothers dealing with past hurts. It just keeps getting better and better.

Next up is John Matthew and Xhex's story Nov 04, MelissaB rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: BDB fans, paranormal romance fans. Lover Avenged was a great entry into the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. The writing was very good this time: The entire story packs a serious emotional punch, you will root for and cry with all of your favorite characters. I don't really review these books because it's too hard for me. I think everyone takes something different from the books in this series but for me I love the stories.

I love finding out more about my favorite characters from previous books and falling in love with new ones. Ward gets serious props for taking a rather negative sounding character like Rhevenge, who we know as a drug dealer, pimp and bruiser and fleshing him out so well that we are rooting completely for him. He was a very three-dimensional character who had done some bad things in his life for good reasons - always to protect those he loves at great cost to himself.

He sacrifices a lot for his loved ones and never expects anything back. Ehlena was a worthy mate for Rhev, she was a strong woman who refused to let the challenges in her life bring her down.

That is one of the qualities I find most admirable in a person, so she is probably one of my favorite heroines in this series. She puts herself out there for Rhev and comes through for him when he needs it the most. Random thoughts on the book and characters: Wrath and Beth - One of my favorite parts of the book was seeing the growth in their relationship.

I love this couple so it was great to see them up close again. Wrath had a lot to come to terms with in this book but was able to make progress with the help of his shellan, who was a rock for him when he needed it the most. Parts of their story brought tears to my eyes because they were so intensely emotional. There some really hot love scenes too! Rhevenge and Ehlena - I love them as a couple.

I liked Rhev coming into the book despite what he did, but once I knew even more about him and his devotion to keeping his mother and sister safe I fell in love with him. He was in a bad situation because of his need to care for his females but bore the burden all by himself and did whatever he had to do to keep Bella and his mother from being hurt. He finally found someone for himself when he and Ehlena got together, it was wonderful to see someone care so deeply for him.

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These two lonely people finally found a safe place and comfort with each other. Rhev and Bella - The last scene was wonderful where he thinks he will always be her Rooster.

Ehlena to Rhev - Hilarious line by Ehlena to Rhev: He needs to grow up and stop acting like a bratty teenager. You don't give up on your loved ones no matter what. Tohr finally reached out to him and I felt John was pretty selfish in his actions. As for the stuff with Xhex, I think he way over-reacted. He has NO clue what Xhex has been through in her life and never really tried to get to know her.

He is only thinking about himself and his pity party, not about her. I hope he gets his head out of his rear end in the next book as he searches for her - because she is going to be in a very bad place. George - How cute!

Mary - She is a wonderful person and a blessing to her friends. She may not be beautiful outside but she has a wonderful soul. I love how she is always there for the Brotherhood and the other shellans, even willing to listen to the horrors that Z endured despite the cost to herself.

I am glad Rhage loves her as much as he does. Payne - That female scares me! Think about a female V - she is going to need to find a very tough guy. I really think she may be a female Brother eventually. Lash - I don't really care for him or the parts with him, but I realize we need to know his motivations and actions because they will affect the Brotherhood in the future. Xhex - Wow that girl is scary with a knife! I must say I do think all rapists and abusers deserve what Grady receieved - but I am a bit blood thirsty.

Lover Avenged

Her history was shown a little bit and it's not pretty. I understand better her reluctance to get with John Matthew given the horrible way her last relationship worked out. I am glad she is a very strong person because she is going to need that strength to make it through the next part of her life.

I can't wait for Lover Mine to come out in a year. I would recommend Lover Avenged even for those who were disappointed with the last two books - the romance is there in this one and it is very wonderful. There are other stories going on as well but they compliment the romance rather than overwhelm and detract from it. I laughed and cried as I made my way through this book, it was an amazing read.

View all 17 comments. This series is the gift that keeps on giving and I am well and truly hooked! Lover Avenged didn't just give us the angst, heartache and love from one relationship I fell in love with the main characters but I also grew to love old character as they went through new heartbreaking experiences. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation?Customer images. She puts herself out there for Rhev and comes through for him when he needs it the most.

Being the King, fighting's a big no-no, but the ranks of the Brotherhood are depleted with Tohr gone and Phury involved with the Chosen. Qhuinn was a perverted fucker, but he was a straight-up killer, and she was glad he was the one watching her boy. Sympaths are a really scare race and most people are afraid of him and keep well away when he is present at any place.

Reading about his past and how he came to be the sexual slave for his princess is just

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